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Power Supplies - Pedal Botique - Guitar Pedals & Accessories

Power Supplies, Tuners & Accessories

Pedal board power supplies and guitar tuners.

Overdrive - Pedal Botique - Guitar Pedals & Accessories


Choose your flavour of overdrive for just a little bit of a push and some hair on your tone.

Distortion - Pedal Botique - Guitar Pedals & Accessories


Take your pick of skull-rattling distortions.

Preamps & power amps

Get your hands on a new preamp to sculpt your unique tone.

Reverb, Loop And Chorus - Pedal Botique - Guitar Pedals & Accessories

Reverb, delay, chorus, etc.

All other pedals from Reverb to chorus and beyond.

Guitar Pedals & Accessories, Pedal boutique is a South African online guitar effects retail store, providing guitarists with different tastes and budgets the right pedals for their style of playing. We work with local artists to understand their needs and provide them with advice regarding their choice of pedals to best match their setup and styles.

Our expanding range of pedals and accessories are picked to provide the best tone at the best price. Our nationwide delivery service and after-sale support give our customers the peace of mind to push their sonic boundaries to new levels.